Our Story

Started in 2012, The3PointFoundation is a non-profit organization that offers unique educational programs.  We are a community partner of the Shamrock Foundation and provide programming in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Boston.  Our work is supported by a number of preeminent local foundations and businesses.  In 2017, we ran programming in seven schools in the City of Boston.  Since our founding, we have provided successful programing in over 20 Boston schools.

Words From Our Program

This program helped me become more engaged on and off the court. I never realized how what we do in the classroom relates to real world situations

Emanuel Sanders8th Grade

I was not the best at basketball when I started, but early on you realize this is so much for than basketball. I realized that I can now make an impact in my community with what I learned in this program.

Deanne Green 6th Grade

Helping Youth Shoot For Success Off the Court